Play in a SuperEnalotto Syndicate:
Share 85 bets - just £2.00 per draw (3 draws weekly)
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The SuperEnalotto Syndicate

SuperEnalotto is the biggest lottery in Italy. It's jackpots have been driving Italy wild since 1997, with a record jackpot of €177 Million.

But it's a tough game to win! To hit the jackpot players have to match 6 numbers from 90. Making it a great game for playing in a syndicate group.

There are lots of smaller prizes up for grabs too of course, for matching 3, 4 and 5 numbers. As well as 5 numbers plus the 'Jolly Number'. So if your group doesn't get the big one, you can still be sharing a nice win.

Making It Easy To Play - And Easier To Win!

Play in our syndicate groups, and share 85 bets in every draw.

You are automatically entered for every draw - 3 times a week, on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

Your syndicate entries are automatically checked against official results.

Winnings are credited directly to your online e-wallet.

Withdraw your winnings whenever you wish.

Why Play SuperEnalotto With Us?

  • It's simple, fun, and very convenient.
  • You play in a syndicate group of 85 players, buying 85 bets every draw.
  • That means 85 times the chance of winning - every draw.
  • Every syndicate group is GUARANTEED to match 1 main number every draw. So you only need 2 more for a cash prize.
  • 100% of your winnings get deposited to your e-wallet right away. There are no deductions from winnings at all.

Why Play SuperEnalotto?

  • SuperEnalotto offers you huge jackpots - and 3 times every week!
  • Jackpots regularly get bigger than €100 Million.
  • This is the most popular lottery game in Italy.
  • Rollovers are not capped or limited in any way. Which means there is no limit as to how big they can get!